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"Until recently, mom and dad still lived independently (at 84 and 95 respectively).  As the primary caregiver (with my husband) and their only family in Calgary, we have had absolutely wonderful moments together, but it also became increasingly difficult to manage their care. And there you were.  Wonderful volunteers and staff helping us with groceries every two weeks.  This is such a wonderful program.  It allowed my parents to remain independent longer, to enjoy their home, be well fed… and it certainly helped me get a little bit of a break and maintain some sanity."  Kate M. for grocery delivery

"My Dear Ones - Thank you all so much for the joy you have given me for so long.  And thank you especially for my beloved snow man that you all gave to me by chance and my luck."  Hilda Doherty for ADSP

"It means so much to have my Mom in the program."  Marianne Doherty

"To all A.D.S.P. Staff:  Thank you very much for all the support, attention and all activities provided through out my time with you.  Much apreciated."  Anne Couture for ADSP

"Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for your help with the mums this year."   Holly Swift, for Grocery Delivery.

"Many thanks to you and your staff for the services provided during the past year.  I have had two operations and my eyesight has been restored and I am doing quite well.  Let me say, honestly:  your assistance played a great role in my recovery!  Best wishes to all for the forthcoming year."  Lionel Stall, for Grocery Delivery.

"I so enjoy helping the grocer program.  All of you put so much effort into providing such an important service that I’m just glad that I can help out I some way also."  Jean Moffett, for Grocery Delivery.

testimonial for Kerby Centre"I really thank you for seeing that I got my income tax done and all the years you saw that I had my groceries delivered.  Garda Curtis for Grocery Delivery

testimonial for Kerby Centre"Thank you for bringing groceries.  Also the very generous gifts." Sophie Edmondson for Grocery Delivery

testimonial for Kerby Centre"Your work has helped us so very much and we are grateful.  Hi Ling (volunteer) is a joy to us and it is wonderful how she has grown to know our needs so well.  May God bless all of you for the service you give. "Glad Bury, for Grocery Delivery.

testimonial for Kerby Centre"I think of you every day and all the kind things you do for us “Old Girls.”  How lucky we are to have you.  Here I am so slow to send a thank you.  For all year long and Christmas so Special.  Our gifts we receive are so much fun.  Jut like kids – so excited to open the next present.  I want you Bev to know how much we appreciate what you do!!"  Jean Carlson 91, for Grocery Delivery.

testimonial for Kerby Centre"Angels, May each one of you in your homes remember my love for you."  Helena Rojek, for GroceryDelivery.

"I have no family I lack the words to express my appreciation for being “adopted” over the holiday season.  I am thankful. " Viola Anderson, for Grocery Delivery.

Hi just want to let you know the Diwali event I think it was great working together as a diversified group, there was so much to learn. One thing good it showed how much we are open-minded towards each other
The event created an atmosphere of friendship, understanding, togetherness.  From my point of view the event showed how much we care for each other, doesn’t matter who we are, we are all one.  We all are part of the same light only different colour different beliefs.  AT the end when everyone has smile on their faces and little tear of joy coming it says we are great and we are all one."  Brijbala Bakhshi, Volunteer, 2011 Diwali at Kerby

"There are no words to adequately express the difference you have made for Peter and all of us.  I thank you so much."  Julie Ellis, for Grocery Delivery.

"Thanks so much for the Grocery Delivery Service that Mum had over the last few years.  She enjoyed all the volunteers and their dedication to helping her stay in her own home.  Keep up the good work!"  Jean Borrowman, for Grocery Delivery.

"I is just a miracle that you came to see us and brought that newspaper that day and that Dianne’s ad was the first in the list.  Just amazing.  First you brought Peter back from skin and bone with your weekly, caring support and help with the shopping and visits.  And now you brought this relief from isolation and loneliness and boredom.  I can never thank you enough.  As I said, I was afraid to write earlier in case it didn’t last.  And I am still pinching myself every day to make sure it is not a dream but it is clear that Dianne intends to keep coming and helping Peter in these ways."  Julie Ellis, for Grocery Delivery.

"On behalf of my mother and family I want to express my appreciation to you Chad and your lovely staff for being there to help us on my mother’s art exhibition.  It was very easy to work with you and your staff.  You and your staff’s kind supportive words, great help, welcome with a friendly smile made us so easy it so easy to arrange everything in peace of mind and made the exhibition very successful."  Nimmi Kavith, for Facility Rentals.

"I’ve often thought that how good it is that there is someone such as yourself in the position you hold at Kerby.  You are helping some of the most vulnerable people in our society.  You are definitely in a position of trust, which I knkow you take very seriously!"  Margaret McInnes, for Housing.

"Our thanks to you for arranging for Chad to be our speaker and our heartfelt thanks to Chad for doing such a great job."  John Thomson, President, Sunsetters Retiree Club, for Information.

"Our mother, Ellen Clausen, enjoyed the time she spent and the associations she made at the Day Program.  She appreciated the care and consideration shown toward those participating and also in those final years when Dad’s energy declined, it was an outing they could both enjoy."  Carol Clausen, for the Adult Day Support Program.

"I wish to thank all that was such a help to Willie while coming to the Day Progam.  He really looked forward to it.  He has gotten settled at Bethany Care Centre.  I am very relieved and am visiting 3 times a week weather permitting.  He also enjoyed all the people that  attended and a very big thank you to all the staff, you do a great job."  Shirley Henry, for the Adult Day Support Program.

"Thank you so much for your hospitality in accommodating our Volunteers Holiday Dinner at the Kerby Centre on November 30.  The event ran smoothly; your volunteers were efficient, considerate and quite charming.  The dining room looked terrific; the food was excellent and everyone seemed to enjoy it immensely.  Well done!"  Bev Wadsworth, Calgary Association of Self Help, for the Food Services.

"I am writing this email the share with you how incredibly grateful I am to Joanna for the extent she went to support me in obtaining what we thought was a very straight forward Trusteeship order we started on over a year ago for my mom. She is truly wonderful, caring compassionate, dedicated and responsive. I will be forever in her debt. I thought I was pretty savvy and able to navigate well, being a manager in AHS, which has its own layers of complexities. I was sure wrong." - Melissa M., RN, BNursSc